[PCB solder resist] L P I S M  LM-600  

Screen Coating Alkaline Developable S/M for ENIG

1. Excellent Ni/Au Resistance

2. High Resolution

3. High photo-sensitivity

4. Wide process parameters


  LM-600 EC series HASL,Ni/Au plating ,OSP and Anti-popcorn resistance All Color, Gross  
  LM-600 M series HASL,Ni/Au plating ,OSP and Anti-popcorn resistance Matt  
  LM-600 N HASL,Ni/Au plating ,OSP and Anti-popcorn resistance Colorless  
  LM-600 HF series Halogen Free All Color  
  LM-600 P series Hole-Plugging All Color  
  LM-600 2WK3 LED White colre process, excellent light and heat discoloration resistance White  
  LM-600 5GO Hardness 8H, special color Gold  
  [PCB solder resist] Thermal Curing  LM-600 T  
Thermal curable resist inks have superior adhesion property, solder heat resistance and high reliability due to excellent thermal curing system
  LM-600 TPA-5B 2-components solder mask Light Green  
  [PCB solder resist] UV Curing   LM-600 U  

The UV curable solder mask formulated for using in general PCBs and providing coating with outstanding adhesion and heat resistance.

  LM-600 UG93 Single side \ Double side Dark Green  
  LM-600 UR Single side \ Double side Red  
  LM-600 UY Single side \ Double side Yellow  
  LM-600 UB Single side \ Double side Blue  



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